Main advantages 

  • possibility of setting or programming the frequency of sub-sampling
  • selectable speed of movement of the sampling pocket through the whole cross-section
  • sampling takes place automatically
  • possibility of remote control
  • dust resistant construction

The on-line pipe sampler of our own production is suitable for cereals, feed mixtures, seeds and similar free-flowing materials. This facility takes into account the required conditions for taking a representative sample in a controlled manner and allows objective sampling of cereals and other products, such as seeds, as well as certain shredded materials such as compound feed and similar free-flowing materials.

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Technical data

Size60 x 60 x 180 cm
Weight80 kg
Number of slots8
Power supply230 V
Hopper capacity16 l
Subsample volume2 x 1 l
Max particle sizeup to a diameter of 10 mm
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