The main advantages of the portal version GRASYX 

  • Possibility of sampling from two scales
  • Sampling of railway wagons or sidings trucks without moving
  • Sufficiently long vertical probe allows sampling from a precisely selected location and is also suitable for sampling high mounds of grain
  • The length of the track structure is 8, 10 and 12 m, respectively
  • Large sampling area up to 137 m2

Other benefits:

  • The camera system on the sampler allows you to monitor the sampling from the desired location.
  • Hose routing in energy chains ensures their mechanical protection and solid routing


  • Sample divider
  • Integrated back transport
  • Automatic sampling 
  • Touch screen control

More info

Long vertical probe

Sampling from both sides

Construction detail

Sampling area

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Scheme of sampling and return of surplus from the laboratory

Sampler description 

Technical data

End surface detectelectically, mechanically
Total height8,55 m
Weight3200 kg
Power consumption4,3 kW
Probe length4,15 m
Arm length5 m
Sampling area117 m2/122 m2/137 m2
Nearest sampling point (from the constructure)1,05 m
Furthermost sampling point (from the constructure)4,65 m
Sampling radius270 degrees
Construction length8/10/12 m

Brochure to download

Grain Sampler GRASYX

This project was implemented with financial support from the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the TRIO program.

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